Commercial & Residential Pergola Projects in Virginia

Journey through our portfolio to discover the custom charm of Azenco’s pergola projects, each tailored to the unique beauty of Virginia. Experience outdoor luxury with our pergola designs, created to transform your exterior into a comfortable and elegance space. Every pergola project stands as a testament to unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, meticulously designed to harmonize with local distinctive landscapes.


Dual-toned louvered pergola

Virginia Beach, VA

In the scenic locale of Virginia Beach, VA, Azenco Outdoor has realized a residential vision with a spectacular motorized louvered pergola. The adjoining kitchen, featuring a high-end grill and white cabinetry against stone countertops, becomes the heart of this space. White fan and wicker bar stools complete the space, blending style with functionality and creating a perfect coastal vibe.

Two-tone motorized louvered pergola- Virginia Beach - Residential project by Azenco Outdoor
Pergola fan detail - Azenco
Wicker bar stools and Azenco pergola -Virginia Beach, VA

R-BLADE™: Two-tone aluminum louvered pergola

  • Size: 12’x12’

  • Options: Motorized louvers with an accessory beam, LED lighting, and weather sensors.

  • Color: White pergola with dark gray/bronze louvers

  • Four-Season Functionality: Perfectly suited for Virginia Beach’s coastal climate, this pergola offers comprehensive protection against summer sun and is constructed with resilient materials for low maintenance.

A dual-toned pergola to match the house facade

Azenco’s dedicated local dealers have crafted a custom dual-toned louvered pergola in perfect harmony with the home’s design ethos. The pergola’s pristine white frame pairs with the sophistication of gray bronze louvers, creating a cohesive extension of the home’s architecture. The selection of the white hue for the pergola’s frame complements the structural design of the residence, while the contrasting gray bronze louvers accentuate the outdoor ensemble’s visual appeal.
The choice of a white pergola against the home’s gray facade transforms the louvered structure into the outdoor space’s striking centerpiece, infusing an aura of refined elegance throughout the area.
Addressing the design challenges of creating a year-round usable outdoor space, the team has excelled with a private backyard transformation. The installation of a custom motorized R-BLADE™ louvered pergola integrates seamlessly into the architecture, providing both shelter and aesthetic enhancement. 
The outdoor kitchen design solution extends to a refreshing breeze facilitated by a beam-mounted fan and the addition of a chic bar area with inviting wicker stools, alongside a flat-screen TV for entertainment.
Design coherence is maintained with stone tile flooring, which unites with the home’s color scheme and the pergola’s dual tones, emphasizing the area as a central hub. These elements, including the strategically placed fan, solve the practical need for comfort without sacrificing style, exemplifying how functional considerations are integral to sophisticated design.
  • 4 weeks for fabrication and delivery
  • 2-3 days for on-site installation


Small backyard with a pergola

Virginia Beach, VA

This compact backyard in Virginia Beach, VA, has been transformed into a private sanctuary. Designed to adjust shading levels or provide full enclosure during rainy days, this space now exudes sophistication with the R-BLADE™ automated louvered roof. Elevating the pergola to a height of 18 feet creates a sense of spaciousness, offering a striking contrast to the privacy provided by a stylish faux boxwood wall. The smart sensor system enhances functionality by automatically adjusting to weather changes.

Residential small patio pergola project in Virginia Beach, VA
Small patio pergola project in Virginia Beach, VA. Model R-Blade Azenco Outdoor
Aerial view of a Louevred pergola near the pool - Azenco Outdoor
Residential pergola project in Virginia Beach, VA, with green wall, fan and lights. Azenco.


  • The only gapless motorized louvre roof pergola that delivers gapless rain protection.

  • Size of 10’ X 20’

  • Features: Integrated motorization and sensor technology, patio fan to combat humidity.

  • Benefits: Privacy, adjustable shade, and an all-weather control system enhance any outdoor dining experience.

Pergola for small backyard

Crafting a pergola for a small backyard presents a unique challenge, but it can also be deeply rewarding. We are excited to showcase this charming pergola project in Virginia Beach, VA, which enhances a beachfront pool deck with a gracefully curving, kidney-shaped pool. This pool contrasts neatly with the broad, linear, wide-plank decking. Given the limited space, the shaded dining area is confined to a 10-foot strip adjacent to the in-ground pool, closely following the property line of the home’s boundaries. In such tight spaces, innovative pergola designs are essential. Azenco has custom-designed the pergola to fit perfectly within the limited space. The columns have been ingeniously extended to 18 feet, an architectural achievement aimed at enlarging the entertainment area without making it feel enclosed or restricted.

Our team aimed to create a sense of spaciousness in a limited area.

Our goal was to transform this compact backyard into a welcoming area where the family can relax and enjoy outdoor dining. Our designers envisioned a project that would seamlessly blend into the tranquil landscape, fulfilling both versatility and style needs. The solution? The innovative R-BLADE™ adjustable louvered roof pergola. The secret to offering a customized outdoor experience lies in the adjustable louvered roof of the R-BLADE™. It features dynamic adaptability, with its dual-walled louvers capable of opening to let in sunlight, angling to provide a cooling canopy while permitting a breeze, or closing to protect against the heat of the midday sun or rain. The R-BLADE™ Pergola stands as the ideal choice for year-round outdoor living, perfectly enhancing this beach house.

  • 1 week for fabrication
  • 3 days for on-site installation


R-BLADE™ Pergola

Chesapeake, VA

Discover how Azenco Outdoor elegantly resolved the dilemma for these homeowners in Chesapeake, VA, by creating a captivating covered outdoor space. The automated louvered pergola not only enhances privacy and comfort but also provides a stylish escape from the intrusion of nature’s tiny flyers. This outdoor transformation promises an idyllic, bug-free space on a reimagined deck, where serenity and space efficiency are perfectly combined.

White pergola with curtains and bug screens in Chesapeake, VA - Model R-Blade louvered roof by Azenco
White Small pergola project in Chesapeake, VA - Bug screens and automated louvers - Azenco
Cozy outdoor room covered with a motorzied louevred pergola in Chesapeake, VA. Model R-Blade electric roof in white accessorized with fan, tv, privacy screens and bug screens - Azenco
Small white motorized pergola in Chesapeake, Va - view from above - Azenco Outdoor

R-BLADE™: Ultimate rainproof outdoor shelter

  • Size: Expansive 120 sq. ft. coverage

  • Privacy Wall: Customizable for TV mounting

  • Auto Features: Dual automatic screens; integrated fan beam

  • Color Scheme: Classic white structure with stylish gray bronze walls

  • All-Season Benefits: Ideal for year-round use in Virginia, superior protection against summer bugs, durable materials require minimal upkeep. multiple options to tailor the pergola.

A Pergola with Privacy and Bug Protection

In the heart of Chesapeake, blessed with its captivating atmosphere, homeowners aimed to enhance their outdoor deck. Teaming up with us, they shared a vision centered on personal space, freedom from intrusive insects, and improved functionality. Azenco Outdoor introduced the R-BLADE™ custom-engineered pergola, perfectly fitting into a cozy corner of a raised deck.

Privacy concerns were carefully addressed by strategically installing walls, while an advanced automated insect screen tackled the bug issue. This cutting-edge pergola, with motorized adjustable louvers, provides a flexible response to the changing weather, offering the ideal amount of sunlight or shade. Designed specifically for the Chesapeake climate, this pergola solution combines privacy and insect protection into an outdoor haven.

Despite the constraints of a narrow deck in Chesapeake, the pergola has created a versatile and private outdoor retreat, perfect for year-round enjoyment. The R-BLADE™ stands as a testament to innovative design and practical functionality. Its gapless roof design and absence of visible hardware give it a sleek, seamless appearance that is as functional as it is appealing.

One of the biggest challenges in transforming this residential outdoor space was addressing the nuisance of pesky bugs. The Azenco team’s solution? Motorized screens integrated into the pergola that seamlessly protect against insects while maintaining the area’s comfort and allure. With the R-BLADE™, the team tackled the limitations of the narrow deck space, crafting a flexible area for outdoor enjoyment. The adjustable louvered roof, controlled by ultra-quiet electric motors, caters to all weather conditions:

  • Fully opened to bask in the sun,
  • Angled for a blend of sunshine and shade,
  • Completely closed to create a cozy shelter from rain.

Post-installation, the residents enjoy additional amenities like a fan and TV—further solidifying the R-BLADE™ as a symbol of Azenco’s commitment to outdoor living solutions, integrating indoor comfort with outdoor beauty.

  • 3-4 week for fabrication and delivery
  • 6 days for on-site installation (2 days for the pergola and 4 days for the custom screens)

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